Offical Riba Siteboards

RIBA Siteboards are a means to display your architectural practices Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) membership at building sites. Among architects, RIBA membership is associated with high professional standards and commitment to excellence. RIBA Siteboards are available to firms where at least one partner or director is a RIBA member.

The clean simple design of RIBA siteboards is intended to be legible and impactful. Use of a company/office logo or font are not permitted and punctuation should be kept to a minimum. A horizontal line appears beneath the top line of text. The RIBA badge and all lettering are printed in white. The boards for Architects and Practises will be printed all over in red (Pantone 032) with white text, and for RIBA Client Advisor Boards this will be printed in blue (Pantone 281) with white text. The typeface to be used is Unica.

With over 15 years of experience in design and production of RIBA siteboards, Signs for Safety are here to help with your RIBA signage needs. We have all the typography and tools needed to create RIBA compliant designs on your behalf.

Our RIBA siteboards come in two sizes;

4’ x 1’ (1220mm x 305mm)
8’ x 2’ (2440mm x 610mm)

We offer four materials;

Self Adhesive Vinyl – Ideal for smooth clean surfaces.
Banner – Hemmed and eyeleted for strength and ease of install, reusable and rollable.
Foamex – 5mm thick high density Foamax is light and strong.
Aluminium – 16swg high strength and rigidity for a long lifespan.

Riba Siteboards Price Table

For custom quotes please contact us at or call 01737 762 400

RIBA Siteboards Guidance

Signs for Safety have details of the agreed typography and will provide visuals of your design for your approval.  The below guidelines state exactly what is allowed for the RIBA Siteboards.

riba siteboards

1. RIBA Membership Type

a. ‘RIBA Chartered Architect(s)
b. ‘RIBA Architect(s)’ – Plus if wished and subject to fitting in the one line, additional descriptive words from: ‘Engineers’, ‘Surveyors’ or ‘Planners’ such that the line will read, for example, ‘RIBA Architects & Engineers’
c. ‘RIBA Chartered Practice (only available to registered Chartered Practices)
d. ‘RIBA Client Advisor’ (Client advisor boards have a blue, Pantone 281, background)

2. Company Name

The practice or office name should appear in the board’s central section, to the right of the current RIBA badge: no more than three lines are allowed, (See examples below). Sole practitioners may use professional affixes (in addition to RIBA) such as RICS, MICE, RTPI but not educational or degree qualifications.

3. Contact Details

At the foot of the board should appear a single line of brief contact details – subject to available space, any of postal/telephone/fax/email/website details may appear.

4. Optional QR Code

A QR code can be added to any of the designs, but only in the top right-hand corner of the board (and is recommended for use on the 4 x 1 formats).

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RIBA Siteboards